Monday, August 29, 2011

PR Begins At Home

Public relations professionals are charged with building images, managing issues and creating awareness. The public forms opinions and perceptions based on the information available to them in both traditional and online media outlets.

The collective consensus of the world at large constitutes the
powerful and influential "court of public opinion" that sets people free or sentences them to time in the "people's penitentiary."

Typically, we form opinions of public figures without ever meeting them. They are formed by actions taken, subsequent quotes from newspapers, web sites, TV interviews, blogs and tweets, etc.

We, the public serve as the jury in judging public figures. Does President Obama really cave in on big decisions? Did Tiger Woods handle his crisis the right way? Are NFL players such as Osi Umenyiora and Chris Johnson justified in wanting to renegotiate existing contracts? Based on the opinions formed we can label people as being malcontents, disloyal, weak minded, strong leaders, etc.

Can public opinion change? It sure can, but not easily. Again it's predicated on actions and events.

Public opinion is not relegated to celebrities and luminaries. Opinions are formed about each of us --by people who may not know us or know us well-- in the workplace, at school, at parties and virtually everywhere we go.

For example, if you complain often in the workplace, you may get branded as a rebel-rouser, if you are abrupt and rude in dealing with staff or fellow employees you can be portrayed as difficult to deal with. On the flip side, if you react well under pressure and handle tough situations in a professional manner, you may be perceived as a strong leader and loyal employee.

Remember, how we judge people is often perception, we can control the perception and subsequent PR by our actions. We are our own PR people...PR does indeed begin at home!

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